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Monday, April 26, 2010

Seize This Day

Today I went to Fido's http://www.fidosfarm.com/. Chris has Mondays off, yeah guys contrary to popular believe it does happen.  So we got together to work our dogs in the back field called Trillium.  Z was great.  He was really tired, I worked the legs off him yesterday.  We just did some out run work taking advantage of the distance and a sheep holder, again.  Same issues as yesterday just helping him get around to the right place the first time or two and then he had it.  He's walking in straight  and the sheep's first steps are right to me.  At the longer distances he is being almost too polite to the sheep on the lift.  He's walking in and the sheep move a bit and he stops and then the sheep stop so he walks up some more and repeat process. It isn't until the sheep get rolling the he seems authoritative over them. It  feels like he is reacting instead of acting at the lift.  This is getting better and I will shorten the distance up again soon.  I will also go back to lifting off a full feed pan at 100 or so yards.  That has really helped him.  There a few more things I will do over the summer to target this area.  I'm sure time and experience will help most of all.  We might revisit our grip game with the soccer ball this week.  I also know that when he is tired he sucks way back, today I was seeing a lot of this, but today I am not worried.  Once he is rested up I'm sure he will be a handful again.
Tanya is getting her whistle under control and Mick is beginning to understand it.  I helped her out with him today and they are growing together pretty quickly.  I love it.  He was being ab it of a boob today, but Tanya managed to get him working nicely anyhow.


  1. Yes....Seize this day!!!! How you doing?? Things okay in the mole department??? I just want you to know....I believe in you....as you head off to the BG!!!! Wish I were going too!