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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marching on

"Every time, thoughts of quitting come to visit my head and tagging along are Quit's friends, Not Good Enough, Who Are You Kidding, Can't, and Impossible." - Livin life

Moments worth
The price of myths
Lifting from our fingertips
Reaching for the next hand hold on the wall

How'd this mountain get so high
How'd this mountain get so high
Can someone tell me how this mountain got so high

Cowboy Junkies
I have made quite a number climbs on quite a number of mountains, figuratively and literally. I guess maybe it is the time of year, that time where we are emerging from the dreariness back into the warmth and light that sends me into an introspective fit. I admit, I'm prone to these fits.

As I set my anchors wisely (I hope) and select my upward route, I will practice more patients and humility. I will continue to look up, to my left and to my right. I can only choose the route forward, I have already chosen what is behind me.  I will continue to look at the whole mountain and not just the fissures and crags right in my face. I must remember I am not alone on this mountain.

For now, I'll be reaching for the next hand hold on the wall.

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  1. Lovely....just darn right lovely!!! And right there, if one looks closely...is the next hand hold!