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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lesson with Scott Glen

"If you make excuses mediocrity will follow" -Scott Glen

I will say I did not have a mind blowing experience or a training altering revelation.  I was reminded about things I already knew.  Sometimes when I get focused on one or two things in training I forget about the other stuff.  Mostly maintaining it, especially if I have taken the time to train it and train it right in the first place.  

I was encouraged to find that we are in an appropriate place in our training given the dog's age and experience.  Also I was encouraged to raise the bar and expect and demand more finesse from Z.  Another part of the lesson was working on actually handling the dog and having me make more and more decisions about the sheep work thus requiring more obedience from him.  I see more willingness for him to come forward, so I worry less about the amount of structure. As in I can put more structure on.

Above all else Scott reminds me not to rush Z and be patient with him, it will pay off.  I'm sure there is other stuff but that is all I have processed so far.


  1. I'm not sure what happened to the formatting here sorry guys.

  2. Nice, thanks for sharing

  3. That is a great quote by Scott.....something we could all live by!
    Sounds like you and 'Z' had a great lesson!

    - maggie

  4. "Sometimes when I get focused on one or two things in training I forget about the other stuff."

    Oh, I understand that completely. Not everything can or should be mind blowing all the time......Suz